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Being a bestseller gives you credibility and greater influence.

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that Book

There are likely three considerable obstacles that have kept you from writing the book you have been dreaming:

Too many life distractions
Don’t know how to start/finish i.e. writers block
Lack of motivation and inspiration

The Book Writers Retreat is the 30 day event on Lake Atitlán in Guatemale that help overcome all three of these obstacles so you can get your book out into the world .

We Understand How To

Make You a Bestselling Author

The formula for creating a best seller is 90% knowledge, secrets and timing, and only 10% is about having a great book.

Very few people in the publishing world understand this. 

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More than anything else you might do, becoming a best selling author will change your life 

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Being a bestselling author is within your reach. Just follow the steps in this book and you will be well on your way. It is time for you to be known as an expert in your field. There is no better way to leap ahead of your peers and competitors then having a bestselling book.

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Our methods have created over 125 nationally bestselling books. We’ve helped authors earn hundreds of millions of dollars.

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